ETH transition to PoS will happen on 15th of September.

ETH transition to PoS will happen on 15th of September

After this it will no longer be possible to mine Ethereum using Graphic Cards (GPUs) or ASICs.
We will switch off our Ethereum pool at the moment it happens.
This means that Ethereum server will be shut down, and you will no longer be able to connect your miner to the Ethereum pool.

How we will process last ETH payouts.

  • After the Merge, we will process one last payout to all the Ethereum ETH pool users.
  • You don't need to request the final payout or claim it anyhow.
  • We will pay all unpaid balances that exceeds a minimum Ethereum pool payout threshold of 0.002 ETH.
  • If you will face any problems with your payouts - please contact We will be happy to assist you!
We will send all the mined Ethereum to your wallets even if you did not reach the payout threshold.

All other pools will be operational at that moment.

Please switch your mining rigs to Ethereum Classic, Ravencoin or ERGO to continue mining.

Thank you for mining with Kryptex pool!

How to start mining easier?

Kryptex allows you to start mining in 15 minutes and gives you the opportunity to withdraw money in different ways.